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Title:Hadronic decays of D mesons at BESIII

Speaker:Dr. Vindhyawasini Prasad (USTC)

Time:July 31, 2020 (Friday) ,16:00 PM

Venue: Online Report Tencent Meeting ID: 182 502 022

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Abstract:Hadronic decays of D mesons play an important role in understanding the decay dynamics of both strong and weak interactions. They provide important input to the beauty sector for testing the Standard Model (SM) predictions. This talk will summarize the recent results of the BESIII experiment related to the hadronic decays of D mesons.

Brief Bio:Dr. Prasad got his PhD degree in 2013, working on BaBar experiment, and then postdoc at IHEP, CAS Beijing, working on BESIII experiment. Hi joined USTC, Hefei, in 2016, and now being an associate Researcher.

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