Physics is one of the core disciplines which help humanity to learn the world and change the world. The research objects of Physics may as big as the universe, or as tiny as an elementary particle. Physics has been a pioneer in promoting the progress of human society. In the new era, basic science research has been taken seriously as national strategy-this is an exciting opportunity for Physics, too.

The College of Physics, Jilin University (JLU) is numbered among China’s pioneers of modern physics education and high-level scientific research. And with the spirit of “persevering in tenacious efforts and pursuing excellence”, the College of Physics has cultivated numerous excellent personnel who have been making great contributions to the country and social development, including 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, both the staff and students of the college devote themselves in the initiative of “double first-class” disciplines and trying efforts to fulfill the historical target of casting the “world class physics discipline”.

Welcome to study in the College of Physics, JLU and we sincerely invite professionals of insight join us to explore the mysteries of the world of physics, witness the great progress of physics and contribute more to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!