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Title:Problems and solutions during my researches in the ATLAS experiment

Speaker:Dr. Ligang Xia

Time:July 27, 2020 (Monday) ,16:00 PM

Venue:Online Report (Tencent Meeting ID: 722 102 790)

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Abstract:Many problems will meet us in any scientific research. I would like to share with you some experience taking two measurements with the ATLAS detector as example. One is about the mass reconstruction of lepton-tau pair during the search of Higgs going to lepton plus tau. The other is about the constraint of systematic uncertainties in searching for high mass resonances using muon pairs. I always believe we have more solutions than problems.

Brief Bio: Dr. Xia got this bachelor and PhD degrees from Tsinghua University when he was working on BESIII experiment, and then he moved to ATLAS experiment since 2015. Besides data analysis on colliders, he also performed some study on the data analysis technique and particle physics phenomenology.

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