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Title: The Probability Photosphere Model for the Prompt Emission of Gamma-ray Burst

Speaker :Yanzhi Meng ,Nanjing University

Time:September 22, 2020 (Tuesday) 14:30 PM(Beijing Time)

Venue:Online Report Tencent Meeting ID: 676 592 702


Gamma-ray burst (GRB) is one of the most violent events in the deep universe. It has two emission stages. The earlier one is the prompt emission in γ-ray band. After the prompt emission, we can see its multi-wavelength afterglows. After decades of investigation, the origin of the prompt emission remains unclear, especially the radiation mechanism. The synchrotron emission or the photospheric emission origin has been long-debated.

I will give a detailed review on the researches of GRB prompt emission, both the observations and models. Then, I will talk about my theoretical studies within the framework of the probability photosphere model, considering the more natural and reasonable physical conditions of jet structure, jet composition and viewing angle. Also, which observational and statistic features can be reproduced by the modified model will be shown.

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