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Title:Search for new physics indilepton final states with CMS run2 data

Speaker : Xuyang Gao, Fudan University

Time:April 26,202115:00

Venue:302,Physics Building

Abstract:The standard model of particle physics provides a successfuldescription on the most of experiment results in high energy physics, since thelast part of its prediction, the Higgs boson, has been observed in 2012 by CMSand ATLAS on LHC. However, the standard model is generally admitted to be thebest but not the most fundamental theory, and it must be replaced by a morebasic and perfect one at a higher energy scale. There are already many theoriesbeyond the standard model (BSM) proposed to address the physics questions whichthe standard model fails to. These BSM theories can be confirmed, rejected orimproved by the input from experiments.

In this presentation, we perform the searchesfor new physics at lepton pair final states with the data collected by the CMSexperiment at the LHC in the whole run2 period corresponding to the integratedluminosity of ~150 fb^(-1). We search for different processes which areinspired by BSM theories, including the high mass gauge boson Z' decay, thesupersymmetry particle tau-sneutrino LFV decay, and the anomalous couplings intop productions. The corresponding BSM theories are further constrainedaccording to experiment results.

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