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Speaker:Di Xiao (Nanjing University)

Time:November 20, 2020 (Friday) 14:30 PM(Beijing Time)

Venue:Online Report Tencent Meeting ID:336 894 678

Abstract: Magnetars are highly magnetized neutron stars with field strength greater than 10^{13} Gauss. In gamma-ray burst (GRB) studies, newborn millisecond magnetars are widely believed to be one of the most promising central engines, due to their huge rotational energy. Generally, a newborn magnetar will eject a wind, which is initially cold and Poynting-flux dominated. As the wind propagates outside, the magnetic energy will gradually dissipate and be converted into thermal energy, kinetic energy of the wind and high-energy radiation. The X-ray to gamma-ray emission in this process could be responsible for many kinds of phenomena, such as GRB prompt emission, X-ray plateau and other transient events that requires magnetar energy injection. In this talk, I will briefly introduce this scenario and discuss its implications.

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