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In order to promote the "double first-class" construction of theCollegeofPhysics,toinnovate the talent training mode and to enhance students’ international vision, "Jilin University-Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Energy Physics Academic Workshop" was successfully held in Singapore from November 10 to November 14, 2018.The College of Physics sent 36 outstanding undergraduates from different grades to participate in this academic workshop.

On the first day, Prof. Tan Choon Hong, Dean of School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological University, and Prof. SHENZexiang, an outstanding alumnus of ourcollege, sincerely welcomed the teachers and students ofJilinUniversity. On behalf of the College of Physics of Jilin University, Prof. Du Fei, vice dean of College of Physics expressed his gratitude to the professors and scholars of Nanyang Technological University who attended the workshop. Then Prof. Du fei briefly introduced the development of Physics in recent years and its achievements in the "double first-class"construction.

Prof. SHEN Zexiang specially invited Prof. Lars Brink, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, to introduce the selection and nomination process, the history and anecdotes of the Nobel Prize in physics, and had a thorough communication with students on the development process of science, the cultivation of scientific quality of undergraduates/postgraduates and other problems. Prof. Lars Brink was a member of the Nobel Prize Committee in Physics in 2001, 2004 and 2008, and chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee in Physics in 2013.

This workshop received special funding from the International Cooperation and ExchangeOffice. During the 5-day’s study, students learned wonderful lectures given by several famous scholars from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Nanyang Technological University, got to know the frontier trends of Energy Physics, and had a warm interaction with professors.

In addition, the teachers and students of our college also had a discussion with the outstanding alumni, young postdoctoral fellows and doctors who were working and studying in Nanyang Technological University. Several alumni Shared their overseas experiences in different periods, and at the same time put forward their earnest hopes to the teachers and students of College of Physics.

With the help of this Academic Workshop, our college and the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore had an in-depth discussion on such issues as joint scientific research, teacher exchange visits, joint postgraduate training and undergraduate exchange. Both sides agreed that the two colleges of parliament will further promote pragmatic cooperation and jointly build a win-win situation.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ,ranking 11th (Asia first) in 2018 QS world university rankings, is an autonomous research university in Singapore. It was ranked the fastest-rising young university globally by Times Higher Education, and is known for its eco-friendly and smart technology garden campus, which was named as one of the most beautiful school campuses in the world. In July 2015, Jilin University and Nanyang Technological University formally established school-level exchange relations.

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